An open letter to educators

A must-see video about education vs information, about the threat that educational systems are facing in front of freely available information. It makes me think of social media as well and of why people complain there is a lot of noise there. If information has gone from being owned by the few to being owned … Continue reading

Measuring the impact of outreach

It is widely acknowledged that connecting science with the public is a must, and many organisations put significant resources into doing so, but how can we know when these efforts are successful? This article looks at the European Space Agency’s outreach activities for the Hubble Space Telescope to give some guidelines on how best to … Continue reading

How much science in a tweet?

One of the most frequent questions I often get when talking about social media is “How can one explain science in less than 140 characters?” and one of the nastiest comments I get when showing how social media is growing is “That is a lot of noise”. I am pretty sure that if you are … Continue reading

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