Twitter breaks the 140 characters limit

Twitter has confirmed that it’s going to allow more than 140 characters on tweets in the coming months. There’s a trick though.

The message itself will continue to be 140 characters long, but Twitter handles at the beginning of a message (@oanasandu writes a post) and photos will no longer be counted down. Links however are considered part of the message so they will contribute to the 140 characters.

Tweets starting with @ will be made visible to everyone, as opposed to only to common friends as was the case until now. You will soon be able to drop the funky looking messages:

“. @ESO builds the E-ELT”

The dot in front of the message was a workaround found by users to make those tweets visible to everyone. This will no longer be necessary.

Pretty useful changes! devbrief_tweetstructure1.png-w=680&h=434

Image source: socialmediatoday

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