The Full Dome Database

I have discovered this database of full dome shows just a while ago and I wanted to share it with you. A nice resource to both look for new shows for your planetarium, but also advertise your shows if you are a producer. More information on the video below. Their YouTube channel has lots of … Continue reading

What is a flame?

If you ever want to explain what a flame is to your kids or students, then this is just the right video to do it! And if you ever need an example of a competition to explain science to 11 years olds, then the Flame Challenge is a good one! <p><a href=”″>What is a Flame</a> from … Continue reading

Live Talk from Baltimore Unconventional ways of communicating science — a live talk I am giving in less than 30 minutes and which is broadcasted online from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. You’re free to call in and ask questions!

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