Space Scoop – Astronomy news for children

If you have a child who loves space just like this little amazing fellow here, or you’re the big brother or sister always being asked about the Universe, or even the teacher in class questioned about new discoveries in astronomy, you are in for a relieving and exciting surprise — Space Scoop, a service that brings you the latest astronomy news from the European Southern Observatory, written in a language accessible to children.

Coordinated by ESO and Universe Awareness (UNAWE), Space Scoop will be available online at the same time as the original version of a release, so children can learn about the latest developments in astronomy as they happen. To view the child-friendly release, look out for the Space Scoop icon on ESO’s press releases. You can also subscribe to Space Scoop by sending an email to

For more info check this out or go read the first Space Scoop!

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