Make peace with #Starpeace

One of my favorite Global Astronomy Month programs. It’s an incredible feeling to share the sky with people all over the world and a great opportunity to organize an event that not only promotes astronomy, but also world peace. Check it out. And if you’re in, don’t forget to use #starpeace and #gam2011 over Twitter 😉

Throughout April 2011, StarPeace, in cooperation with Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), invites everyone to create a chain of world peace while gazing at the wonders of the night sky as a series of events circumnavigates the world for 30 nights.

How does it work?

Beginning in North and South America, events move eastward every three days through ten equal segments of 36 degrees oflongitude each. Everyone is invited to take part as their country’s turn comes up by organizing star parties or simply going out and observing the sky. By encouraging people across borders to look at the sky at the same time, StarPeace and AWB hope to raise awareness of our being One People under One Sky.

How to connect?

Organisers in the same longitude segment are encouraged to plan simultaneous events sharing the beauty and wonder of the night sky. StarPeace partners can be found by registering events on the Global Astronomy Month (GAM) website. Once registered, each group’s location appears on the world map, with the group’s details and contact information available to others. It’s easy to find other groups who have registered events in a neighboring country or elsewhere in the same longitude segment. Partnerships can be made in advance and events organised to include simultaneous observations, an exchange of messages or even real-time communication.

The GAM team can help groups connect as well. Send email to .

Those who simply go out with their friends and families can connect via Twitter using the hashtag #starpeace.

When is your country’s turn?

30 Nights of StarPeace begins 1-3 April in Alaska in the first longitude segment and ends 28-30 April with East Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands and Russia. For a list of all the countries and their segments visit:

Read more on the GAM website

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    Sounds good!

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