How Millennials can become your communication channel


The 14th issue of Communicating Astronomy with the Public (the CAPjournal) is now out! Inside I have an article on adopting a different perspective on what makes a communication channel and how it can be used to foster science appreciation and engagement. Millennials, a demographic group consisting of people born between 1981 and 1993, have the potential to become your Brand Ambassadors if approached correctly and honestly. From Millennials, the science outreach you do can be taken to millions of other people, as Millennials are very connected online and often times influencers for their communities.

This article comes with a must-view video before you start reading! You can watch it below. To read more on how to interact with Millennials download the CAP_14 PDF article.

This edition of CAPj is full of interesting articles so I recommend reading it from cover to cover! Pamela Gay will teach you how to make the best of Google+ Hangouts on Air when you do science communication, Edward Gomez talks about how to engage celebrities in astronomy outreach through Twitter and much, much more. The full magazine can be found here.

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