On the Scientist Stereotype

This image is anecdotal and does not reflect the opinion of the author on scientists 🙂 Credit: Carian Thus, posted on united-academics.org

Michael Brooks from WIRED Science has just published an article on how the current scientist stereotype might lead to the death of scientific research, with which I’ve resonated. It too often happens that in the process of communicating science to the public, it is not the media, nor the public giving you troubles, it is the scientists themselves — their fears of talking with a journalist that will always mess up their words, their skepticism towards “soft” sciences such as public relations, their fierce competition with other colleagues.  If you’re a scientist yourself, this is a call for action on you. Why the Scientist Stereotype is Bad for Everyone, Especially Kids by Wired.

2 Responses to “On the Scientist Stereotype”
  1. “Clearly, scientists are not people who smile.” That is a good one. Like it or not, some of the scientists like to be left alone and just do their job.

    Would like to be a scientist, but I’ll just admire guys like them 😀

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