The Mysteries of the Cosmos Are Revealed During World Space Week 2010

October 1, 2010This October 4 – 10, organizations across the globe celebrate United Nations-declared World Space Week, the largest annual public space event on Earth. The purpose of World Space Week is to celebrate the contributions of space science and technology to life on Earth.

Among the highlights of World Space Week 2010 are:

  • Google Lunar X Prize Summit on the Isle of Man, UK
  • Festival of Astronomy in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Public lectures about space engineering and astronomy in Helsinki, Finland
  • Inauguration of a mobile planetarium and telescope in Thrissur, India
  • Star camp for high school students in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Solar and radio observations in Mexico
  • Rocktober skies, a regional rocket launch in Alabama, USA

In 2009, World Space Week celebrated its 10th anniversary with 713 events in some 55 nations, including a Star Party held at the White House by President Obama.  This year, World Space Week challenges participants to discover the “Mysteries of the Cosmos.”  Throughout history, humans have looked to the heavens and contemplated the universe, wondering about our place within it.  This year World Space Week events will probe what we know, what it means, and what we have yet to learn about the mysteries of the cosmos.

World Space Week is the time each year when the public can learn about the many benefits of space exploration, and students are inspired through space to excel in school,” said Dennis Stone, President of the World Space Week Association.  “World Space Week is open to everyone,” he added.

The calendar of activities is available at

By synchronizing space outreach activities across the globe, World Space Week offers people and groups the opportunity to celebrate space accomplishments, demonstrate support for space programs, and promote their views about our future in space. It also inspires future engineers, scientists, and leaders,” declared Talia Page, the Association’s Executive Director.

World Space Week is a celebration across society.  From schools to the arts to the space industry itself, we invite all organizations around the world to highlight the remarkable impacts that space has on the lives and culture of humankind,” Page said.

World Space Week Association sponsors include SpaceX, Turksat, UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, Secure World foundation, EADS Astrium, ATK, SAIC, Heinlein Prize Trust, Playtone, Lockheed Martin, and Arab Youth Venture Foundation/UN Association of UAE.

About World Space Week Association

World Space Week Association is a non-government, nonprofit, international organization founded in 1981 and the proud partner of the United Nations in the global coordination of World Space Week – the largest public space event on Earth.  Since 2000, World Space Week has taken place every year on 4-10 October.  It celebrates at the international level “the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition” (United Nations General Assembly).  In 2009, World Space Week celebrated its 10th anniversary, with 713 events in some 55 nations. Currently, the volunteer-led Association works with more than 60 national coordinators.  For more details, see

Further details

For media inquiries:

Oana Sandu, Media Relations Manager


Mobile: +49 176 943 942 20

For other questions:

Talia Page, Executive Director


Mobile: +1 646 657 7829

For updates, follow #WSW2010 on Twitter.

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