Outrageous Outreach — Unconventional ways of communicating astronomy with the public

Source: scaryideas.com

After the well received presentation at JENAM last year, this article written together with Lars Lindberg Christensen, Head of ESO‘s education and Public Outreach Department and my boss 🙂 dives deeper into the topic of outrageous outreach by offering the following:

  1. why should you bother?
  2. a definition of outrageous outreach
  3. examples of effective outrageous outreach
  4. steps to reach your target group, for real
  5. tools for handling such initiatives in front of management and peers
  6. évaluation techniques
Take a look at the article Outrageous Outreach in CAP journal 11 and send us your opinions either here as comments or via email. We would very much like to hear your thoughts and experiences!
A big Thank You to Lars for not only initiating and leading such unconventional ways of communicating astronomy, but  also writing about them here 🙂
Until next time, clear skies!

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