How to tag a Facebook page

I know most of you know this, but I am writing this blog post for very selfish reasons 🙂 I often time interact with partners where we agree to tag each other’s Facebook pages. In the past, I had to advise on this process several times, and since it keeps coming up, I felt the need to have … Continue reading

Should you have rules on Facebook?

Social media is not an easy place to be, like with any place where you are exposed to thousands of people who can say just about anything about you and your brand. While it seems like a hard situation to control there are ways to set some boundaries on your Facebook page without damaging freedom of … Continue reading

How to promote the need for NEO surveillance programmes

I only discovered this video recently, though it’s quite old (September 2013). In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out how an ad for the need to have Near Earth Objects (NEO) surveilance and discovery programmes could be done using 4K / Ultra HD technology 😛 Talking about Ultra HD, you will soon be … Continue reading

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